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Picking outfits for your session can be daunting and even stressful sometimes. I created this guide for anyone who wants a little extra insight on how to make the most of your photo session. Not to mention help you look and feel freaking AMAZING for your photos. 


First of all,  bring options! To get great results, we can look through your outfit choices together at the location and find something that suits the environment perfectly. This way I can make sure the outfits compliment the location so that the focus is on you two, and the outfits aren't too distracting. All you have to do is make sure you bring stuff that you feel like a million bucks in that we can go from there. Maybe a few tops and a few bottoms that we can choose between. You can also bring dresses, accessories, scarves, and anything else that can add some flavour!


I love light clothes that catch the wind. In my opinion, flowy is also the most comfortable! If you don't like dresses, soft and flowy cardigans or kimonos are a great option. If you're breaking in those brand new jeans that are still stiff and tight, chances are you're going to be less comfortable and less relaxed in your photos. That can be super distracting for you and will make you feel awkward in the images. I recommend choosing those comfy old ripped jeans you've had for 4 years, that way it'll be easier for you to have fun and run around in. I like to keep you pretty active in your session. ;)


Think about the weather and locations we are going to be shooting in and plan for it. If we're going to be hiking or climbing, bring shoes with good grip so you don't injure yourself. If we are shooting on a sandy beach,  it will probably be weird if you’re wearing shoes. Also I rarely recommend wearing heels unless you're incredibly good at walking in them, and they don't often match non-urban settings. If it’s freezing cold outside, like the above image, bring lots of layers and warm clothes with boots. If it’s going to be warm, bring light, breathable clothes so you don’t have to worry about pit stains in your photos. Be as comfortable as you can be!


Accessories & props are the best! They take little effort (you don't have to do a full outfit change, but it can give you so many more options and will take your photos to the next level (Eg. hats, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, etc). HIGHLY recommend - it's so nice to have choices!

Now for props, this can actually be so much fun if we do it right. Props are a great way to incorporate a fun activity into your shoot. I'm talking skateboards, animals, blankets, your truck, a campfire, a bouquet, a pizza, water balloons (haha), etc. Is there something two love to do together? Let me know! I am always down to incorporate something unique into your session.


Patterns are great! I love the texture it adds to your photos. Just keep an eye out for big, distracting patterns that will take away from the overall photo. If your location is a big, colourful tulip field, maybe avoid the floral dress. If your partner is wearing stripes, maybe stick to a solid colour to balance it out. Just something to consider! 


From my experience, I find neutral colours are the best. And the thing is, neutral doesn't just mean grey, white or black, there are neutral tones of every colour! Burnt orange, mustard yellow, navy blue, forest greens, deep burgundy, etc. The only colours I would stay away from are pinks, oranges, and reds. These colours can sometimes reflect on your partners face giving them an unwanted sunburned look. I highly recommend thinking about the location and what colours to expect when you're there, and colour "match" accordingly! I'll show some examples below.


Here's an example of a great colour palette. I love Anna and Andrew's outfits in this session because they rocked strong colours that were still neutral enough to not be overwhelming or distracting from the environment. The deep burgundy was perfect to match the wintry browns of the surrounding trees and Andrew's olive green jacket looked great in the forest. 


For in-home sessions I recommend keeping it very, very casual. The whole point is to document your life at home and the cozy and real moments you experience day to day. SO I recommend wearing your everyday comfortable clothes! For some this means shorts and a tank top, maybe it means you're still rocking your pajamas. Whatever is comfortable and cozy you. For in-homes I recommend fewer patterns and more solids. You can never go wrong with blacks, whites, greys and denims for indoor sessions.

So, all that being said, rules schmules. If you have your own ideas of what to wear, please do whatever floats your boat! If your dream is to wear matching T-Rex costumes to your engagement session, you do you! (You might have trouble holding hands with those short little arms though, haha). This is completely just based on my experiences from past sessions and is definitely not strict. The most important thing is that you're comfortable and you feel like a rockstar. I hope this helped! Please let me know if you have any questions.