Baby Announcement


"Who knew a simple hockey game would have changed our lives forever.  We were both standing in line waiting to get in and with over an hour remaining someone started talking to me.  Within that hour we both found out we had so many similarities and interests.  I was so thankful that when the doors opened, he had asked for my telephone number and we reconnected afterwards.  Since that day we have been inseparable.  The best part of this all is we both pick each other up when we are down and push each other to strive towards excellence.  We see the potential in one another and understand that we, although individuals, now share a common road together.  We have had our struggles but have used those as a method to become better at understanding one another.  As I sit here today, I look back on the road we have traveled and realized that we have a house, we have each other and now we are having our first child together.  In all honesty, if asked if I could change anything about our story, it would only be one thing and that is I wish we would have met each other sooner so that we could spend more time with one another because forever isn't long enough." - Amanda and Brian

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